Breath and blood tests for lung infection

Breath project goals are to: develop breath tests for human and animal patients with lung infections – acute, chronic, and polymicrobial – including antimicrobial resistance profiles. And, to determine the origin of the breath biomarkers. In addition, we seek to evaluate the influence of these volatile molecules on cellular behavior.

Blood project goals are to: Evaluate the human or animal host’s change in transcription profile for the diagnosis of infectious diseases. And, to determine the origin of the transcriptional differences.

Technical project goals are to: Develop next-generation devices for breath and blood projects.

• We discover and validate biomarkers.

• We evaluate the impact of these biomarkers on cellular activity.

• We translate biomarkers to portable devices.

Projects include human and animal patients with acute or chronic infections, including: cystic fibrosis, pneumonia, lung transplant, tuberculosis, protracted bacterial bronchitis, melioidosis, the Enterobacteriaceae, and others.

Biodiscovery of plant molecules

Projects include: plant species from around the world, including cannabis.